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About us

Arthur Rossiter and his family began making boots in 1910 from a backyard tin shed.  The word quickly spread about these rugged, well-made "Rossiter Boots".  They were good enough to impress the military, and the Australian Army became one of their first big customers.  It wasn't long before the "Rossiter Boot" became known as the legendary ROSSI Boot!

The Rossiter Family's commitment to craftsmanship and focus on quality has never wavered in over 110 years of boot making.  In fact, all ROSSI Boots are ISO 9001 Quality Management Certified by BSI, the world's most recognized quality management standard.

In 2023, ROSSI Boots was sold to S. Kidman & Co.  Chairwoman, Gina Rinehart stated "ROSSI is more than just a brand; it represents the heart and soul of Australian craftsmanship and embodies the quintessential Australian spirit of hard work, resilience, and quality."  Rinehart also stressed that the acquisition by S. Kidman & Co. ensures that the ROSSI manufacturing excellence remains in Australian hands.  "We are committed to nurturing the ROSSI legacy by maintaining operations in Australia and are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead."

My introduction to ROSSI Boots was in 1997.  I was heading to Margaret River, Western Australia for a winemaking internship at a small family winery.  The moment I arrived, I couldn't help but notice the unique, lace-less, ankle boots that everybody was wearing.  No matter where you went; wineries, vineyards, grocery store, the local pub, everyone had on these boots - both men and women.  The weekend before my internship was to begin, I was invited to dinner at the winery owner's home.  After eating, we sat in the living room sipping wine; he wanted to discuss what needed to be accomplished in the winery on Monday.  Much later that night as I was leaving, he said "Make sure you go into town tomorrow and get some ROSSIS."  My reply was "What are ROSSIS?"  "Boots!" he exclaimed, "You need proper boots when you're working in the winery."  The next morning I went to the Ag Supply Store and purchased my first (of many) pair of ROSSI Boots.  They were the best fitting and most durable boots I had ever worn.

That was 27 years ago and I haven't worn anything else since.

Sal DeIanni

Winemaker, Napa Valley